Search & Reunion

We offer post-adoption support services to adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents who participated in an adoption through Holt International. We also offer post-adoption services to adoptees placed internationally through Holt International.

We understand that making the decision to pursue post-adoption support services can be an emotional and sometimes challenging decision, and we are available to guide you through the process and offer support in any way we can. We offer the following services:

Correspondence Support

We can assist adoptees, adoptive parents and/or birth families with sending and receiving letters, pictures, packages and gifts to identified family members. Holt International can act as an intermediary to communicate with everyone involved and to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the correspondence. And we are always available to help mediate and problem-solve with you if challenges should arise.

Medical and/or Background Information

Adoptees over 21 may request available, non-identifying information about their birth family as recorded at the time of the adoption. For adoptees under 21, adoptive parents may make this request on their child's behalf. Birth parents may also request non-identifying information about the adoptive family from the time of placement.

Search Services

Whether you're a domestic or international adoptee, we may be able to assist you with birth search services or refer you to other organizations that may be able to help. Please complete the form below or call for additional information on available search options. We also provide ongoing support services throughout this process.

There are agency fees and forms associated with each of these services. The post-adoption support services staff can review these with you in greater detail, depending on your specific service request.

Want to get started? Complete the form below, and we will get in touch with you!

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