The adoptive family profile book — one of the first steps in the domestic adoption process. It’s when you reveal your life, family and heart to a stranger, with hopes that this person will choose you to parent her child. Creating your adoption profile book is certainly a unique task and experience, one that may seem intimidating. But with some confidence and a little guidance, creating your profile book can be a fun first step in your adoption journey.

Here are our top five pieces of advice for your adoption profile book:

Be Yourself

While it may sound corny, or over-simplified, this truly is the most important part.

Remember that the birth parents who will be looking through your profile book are normal people — people who may feel drawn to your profile because you like the same sort of activities, have similar interests or remind them of their own family. You might be surprised by what you have in common. We know of birth mothers who have chosen a family because the family’s cover photo was a caricature of themselves! And another birth parent who fell in love with a family’s Disney-themed page. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, if it fits who you are, then do it!

Less is More

Your profile book is a great way for a prospective birth parent to get to know you, but it isn’t all-inclusive. In fact, too much text or too many photos could come across as a little overwhelming. Instead, think of your profile book as a general introduction, a teaser, a “Hello, nice to meet you!” If a birth parent decides to meet you in person, you will have much more opportunity to fill in the gaps and get to know each other better.

Be Authentic

It may be tempting to stretch the truth a bit — but your relationship with the birth family must be based on trust. Remember that no family is perfect. Birth parents will appreciate and pick up on your authenticity.

Show Your Everyday Life

While a photo of your family making dinner together or riding bikes around your neighborhood may not be as exciting as your wedding photos or trek around the world, don’t leave them out! Birth parents want to know what everyday life could look life for their child. Show and tell about the exciting trips and activities their child’s life could hold, but also what an average day could look like.

If You Need It, Ask for Help

As you put together your adoption profile, Holt-Sunny Ridge is here as a resource. If you need advice or someone to look it over before you order the final copies, don’t hesitate to send it our way or call us with questions. Contact Nancy Crouch, domestic adoption and birth parent services director at Holt-Sunny Ridge, at or 630-754-4500.