Kevin and Lynnea are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Nice to meet you,

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We understand that a decision like this is not easily made, and we would be forever grateful if we are chosen for this gift. We promise to provide love, support, laughter, and guidance to this precious life. Our journey to become parents began in 2011. After IVF was unsuccessful, we decided it was time to explore the wonderful opportunities that being adoptive parents could provide. We invite you to take a moment to view our story.

Kevin & Lynnea


What Lynnea Loves About Kevin:

“Kevin is a calm, devoted, patient, and kind man. He makes me laugh, he holds great value in family. He always makes sure to say, “I love you.” multiple times every day. Watching him interact with children is one of my favorite things in the world. Our niece and nephew are drawn to him. He is my most favorite person.”

About Kevin

I love building with Lego, which may explain why I work in the construction trade. I am a member of a Lego Club that puts on large scale shows in the Chicagoland Area! A fun time for me involves being outdoors, going camping, biking, hiking, cooking, and listening to all kinds of music. My Wife & I love to travel. I am really interested in photography. We also love to drive our ’64 Thunderbird to car shows during the summer. I can’t wait to be a Dad, and do all sorts of fun things like bike rides, building Lego creations, and going on road trips across the country. I am excited to see the wonder on our child’s face when we go camping, or see the latest Pixar film. I look forward to sharing in the joy of being a Father and providing for my family.

This building took me 7 months to build. It is a design that I came up with.

What Kevin Loves About Lynnea:

“Lynnea is an adorable redhead. She has a great sense of humor. I admire her strength and generosity towards others. She is an amazing cook. I love watching movies with her, because she quotes every line. She loves all things Disney. I have no doubts that she will make a wonderful Mommy.”

About Lynnea

Growing up, it was just my brother and I. But, our extended family is huge! I always wanted to have a big family of my own. I work in insurance and love helping people.

When I try to think what I am most excited about, it is really hard to put it into words. For me, it is literally everything. I want to be there for the boo-boos, and to read bedtime stories. I want to steal hugs and kisses whenever I can. I am so excited to care for every basic need because I feel like that is what I was born to do. If these words don’t say it enough, I cannot wait to become a mommy. My hobbies include: reading, traveling with my husband, singing (badly), forever wishing I were a mermaid, playing with our dog, Hailey, and cooking.

Our Story

We met on in 2003. We have been married since 2011! We try to go on a date every other week. But, if we feel like staying in, we can be found on the couch catching a good movie! We also do that thing where we finish each other’s sentences. In fact, it happens so often, that it scares the both of us!

”The best love  is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I hope to give to you forever. I love you.” The Notebook

Some of the Things We Can’t Wait to Share With Our Child!

Kevin builds the best campfires!

We love camping during the summer & on Labor Day Weekend with our Family!


We LOVE visiting Wisconsin, and Michigan! We can’t wait to take our child on car trips across the country!

Going to White Sox Games!

Teaching them to build with Legos using their imagination

Driving in our Thunderbird

Cooking & Baking!



Our dog, Hailey, is an older Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is gentle, sweet, and loves our niece and nephew. She is super excited to be a big sister ! (as long as the treats are equal)

Our Home

We live in a Townhome located in a quiet Western Suburb of Chicago. Great care was put into arranging the nursery. It is the most perfect space we could have created for a special life.


We both come from smaller families, but there’s no shortage of love! We love to go on family outings, and see each other every couple of weeks. Everyone is excited to be a Grandparent, Cousin, Babysitter, and Protector.

Rapid-Fire Round!

Favorite color?:
K: Orange
L: Purple

Favorite Actor?:
K: Johnny Depp
L: Robert DeNiro

Favorite Food?:
K: Pork Chops
L: Chinese

Favorite TV Show?:
K: Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
L: Game of Thrones

Favorite Vacation Spot?:
K: Moab, Utah
L: Hawaii


Thank you so much for viewing our book! We hope that you consider us for this special gift!


If you’d like to learn more about Kevin and Lynnea, contact us at 800-Baby-Mom or