UPDATE: Jacob and Nerissa are matched with a child!


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us!  Even though we don’t know each other yet, we want to begin by sending you our love. Our hearts are full with admiration and gratitude for you and your courageous act of love.  We know that without your strength, we will never be able to be a mom or dad.  We are so excited to become parents and look forward to sharing our life and unconditional love with a child.

We met over 14 years ago and had an immediate connection.  In our 12 years of marriage, that connection has grown even more as we continuously work together toward our dreams and are hoping for a child to join us. We’ve built an amazing life full of love, laughter, and adventure.  We are kind, big-hearted people, who believe in doing what’s right, and are blessed to have loving, supportive families who are waiting with us to welcome a child into our family.

We will do our best to teach this baby to enjoy life as they discover the world around them, to be kind to all, and value honesty and integrity.  As parents, we will always be there to give them a boost when they reach for the sky, and to pick them up when they stumble.  Our home is a space to be yourself, share without judgment, and celebrate creativity.

More than anything, we are a family team – always in it together.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

With Love,

Jacob and Nerissa

How We Met

In our story, timing was everything.  From the age of eight, we both grew up in the same town, attended rival high schools, and then on to the same university.  It wasn’t until we started work together at the same company that we finally met.  Then it was instantaneous, and we were inseparable!  We truly believe that the timing just had to be right for us to finally meet.

We were engaged a year and a half later, and it is hard to believe we’ve been married 12 years now. We still spend dinners together sharing and laughing about our day, trying to top each other’s jokes (and debate on who is funnier), and still light up when the other enters the room. We really did marry our best friend.

About Nerissa

Nerissa is kind, caring, quick-witted, and funny.  She has a creative spirit, which is displayed through her crafts and artwork.  Nerissa always has a pep in her step, enjoys joking with people, and having a good time.  She is family oriented and has a deep connection with her parents and sister. She doesn’t let a day pass without showing those around her how much we are loved.

About Jacob

Jacob is always full of energy.  He works hard, but never without a sparkle of fun and silliness in his eye. He enjoys being active and is always ready for a new adventure.  Jacob has practiced martial arts since the age of 13 and has received so much joy from teaching his skills.  He is the rock of our home; truly listening and caring for everyone around him.


We love to experience new places and always make sure to find time to take a break from work and have fun.  We’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed some wonderful vacations and want to continue to explore and see the world; whether it’s far away sightseeing or close to home exploring.


We believe that enjoying life means a healthy balance between work and play.  There is always time to be silly and have a little FUN!


We are lucky enough to have our family living close. Staying in our hometown, we both have family and friends living nearby and get to enjoy game nights, dinners and playing with our nieces and nephew.

Nerissa has one sister who is married with a daughter, and her parents are excited to retire this year. Everyone enjoys getting together for games and laughter.

Jacob has one brother who is married with three kids in Oregon who we FaceTime often.  We love getting to enjoy dinners and hanging out with his parents.

Our Home

We live in our first home and have put so much love into making it our own.  Our backyard is our favorite retreat with lots of room for fun and exploration.

Each year we still celebrate our house-iversary by doing the same thing we did the night we first moved in. Eating take-out Chinese food on a blanket on the living room floor and dreaming about the next year in our home together.

We’ve completed a lot of home improvement projects together.  Giggling about figuring out how to replace a faucet (where did all this water come from?  Ha ha), and ever so carefully arranging the boards for hard wood floor.  Working together, we see firsthand each other’s strengths.

Our Community

Our hometown is a close-knit community with big city amenities.  We enjoy the many local parks, hiking trails, and community events.

There is a large children’s museum and plenty of activities year round.  We have great schools nearby, which are the same schools Nerissa attended as a child.  Our neighborhood hosts events throughout the year including block parties and a children’s parade, which is fun for all!

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this glimpse into our life and hopefully get to know us a little better.  Words cannot express the love and admiration we have for this courageous decision you’ve made.  We want you to know that your child will grow up knowing love, support, laughter, happiness, and adventure.

With Love,

Jacob and Nerissa