Matt and Cassie are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Hi! Thanks for checking out our profile and wanting to learn a little more about us. We are a young, active family and are excited about continuing to grow our family through adoption. We recognize this decision to choose someone else to parent your child could be very difficult, but we appreciate your consideration. We hope through our profile we show our loving, affectionate, and sometimes goofy selves and give you a better understanding of what our life is like.

Our Story

We were lucky to find each other early in life, and have had the opportunity to grow together through various moves, jobs, and starting a family.  We knew early in our relationship that adoption was our plan and we are so happy that Cameron joined our family in 2018.  We are very excited to start this journey again and to expand our family.

Meet Matt

Age: 31
Education: Some college
Occupation: Freight planner
Favorite season: Football (fall)
Favorite food: Pasta
Matt is the youngest of 2 boys and grew up in Indiana. He comes from a large extended family who is very supportive and lots of fun! In his spare time, you can find Matt playing with Cam, watching sports with friends, or learning new recipes since he is the family chef.

Meet Cassie

Age: 31
Education: Master’s degree
Occupation: Law enforcement
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite food: Pizza
Cassie is the youngest of 3 kids, one older sister and one older brother. She is incredibly close with her mom and also comes from a large extended family. In her spare time, Cassie enjoys taking Cam to the park, catching up on her favorite TV shows, and going for a run!

Meet Cam

Age: 1
Education: Currently working on ABC’s
Occupation: Being a kid!
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite food: ALL OF IT
Cameron is an only child but is so ready to be a big brother. He’s an active little guy and enjoys his swim lessons and baby gym classes. Cam has lots of friends at daycare and enjoys giving out lots of hugs. He has an amazing smile and we can’t wait to see him interact with his little brother or sister.

Our Growing Family

We met in 2011 through mutual friends while working our way through college in Kentucky.  We moved to Illinois in 2013 and got engaged in 2014.  Our plan was always to grow our family through adoption.  We got married in 2015 and started planning for our family right away!

In early 2018 we welcomed Cameron home and we’ve never been happier!  We have an incredible support network that has been there for the three of us every step of the way.

Cassie’s Thoughts on Matt

I am honestly amazed at how much grace and kindness Matt shows on a daily basis, not only towards me, but also complete strangers.  He is incredibly supportive and is always willing to make an extra trip to the grocery store or wake me up with a cup of coffee when I’ve had a long night at work. In addition to all this, he’s a blast to hang out with! He always knows how to make me laugh and reminds me not to take life too seriously.

Watching him be a father to Cameron has been one of the greatest joys of my life and I know he’ll be equally as amazing with another little one. Honestly, I am so proud to be Matt’s wife and cannot wait to see what the future of our family holds.

Matt’s Thoughts on Cassie

Cassie is the best person I know.  She is incredibly kind and driven.  I’ve had the privilege of watching Cassie grow and succeed at whatever challenges get put in her way.  It really is amazing to see.  She inspires me to be better every day without even realizing it.

I love how close she is to her mom and have seen that closeness reflected in her relationship with our son.  She is the greatest mom to him.

She has a hilariously sarcastic sense of humor and makes me smile every day. Cam and I are so lucky to have her.

Friends and Family

Daisy, Milton, and Mighty Mouse who are always on the move, are very snuggly, and love meeting new friends!

Our friends are like family and Cameron loves having so many kids close by that are around his age.

We are lucky to have such a loving family with an incredibly strong bond. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all so excited to welcome another little person.

Our Community

We live in the western suburbs of Chicago, which means we are only a short train ride from the city, but we also have tons of family-friendly activities right near our home. We have enjoyed going to the pool, the zoo, a few pumpkin patches, the circus, the aquarium, lots of parks, and much more in the last year; and of course we have a Portillo’s very close-by, which is Cameron’s favorite!

We are a sports family! Football season at our house is filled with friends, cookouts, and a little healthy competition in our fantasy league. We try to attend several games each year and were able to take Cameron to the World Series Champions victory parade in Boston this past year.

Thank you!

We appreciate the time you have taken to learn more about us and we look forward to the chance to meet you! We hope our children stay curious, find their passion, learn to love others unconditionally, and understand their adoption stories. Family outings will be the norm and we look forward to supporting our kids at sporting events, concerts, academic competitions, or whatever excites them! We are ready to teach them as little or as much about you as you’d like and are open to talking more about that if you think we are the right fit. Thanks again for taking a glimpse into our life and we wish you all the best on this journey.

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