Congratulations to these newest Holt-Sunny Ridge families!

Congratulations to new dads David and Jason! They welcomed their daughter Taylor through our domestic program.

Proud parents Jacob and Nerissa welcomed Grant home through our domestic program in March.

Congratulations to Jon and Jaci who welcomed home Eliza from South Korea in June.

Baby Kelly joined his parents, Kevin and Bethany, earlier this year through our domestic program!

Matt and Becky recently celebrated Will’s arrival from China! He joins big sisters Louisa and Ruby.

Mike and Kristen recently welcomed baby Maren home, born May 2019. She was placed through our domestic program.

Steve and Sara welcomed their daughter Yasmine in June from our domestic program.

Tyler, Hillary and big sister Lucia welcomed home 1-year-old Alexander from Korea!

Kearin, Keith and big brother Weston joyfully welcomed Catalina, born March 2019! She was placed through our domestic program.

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