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Hello, I am Theo. Thank you for checking out my profile.

I have drafted different versions of this letter and my introduction but none seems adequate enough to express my gratitude.

Growing up, I always had dreams of having a few kids and I always knew I would like to adopt.

I have always dreamed of running around, playing games, bike riding etc with my kids. I do not play sports but I have envisioned myself as the loudest cheerleader in whatever activity my child decides to pursue.

I hope to share my love of travel, exploring and learning new things with my child.

I am now at the age and point in my life where I am ready and responsible enough to care for a child.

I promise to love your child with my whole heart, provide a safe home filled with laughter. Also provide good education and other good opportunities.

I know the decision to place your child was not an easy one and I hope that after going through my profile, you will consider me as a potential adoptive mother.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of our conversation and it is my hope that we will get to know each other in the future.

About me

I am single with no children so far and work in the healthcare industry as a physician. I like helping people feel better.

When not working, I volunteer every few months at a close-by free clinic.

I also like to dance, travel, watch movies, exercise, keep active and just take life easy.

When I go to the movies, it is usually for an action movie.

I go to the gym. Walking/Running the dogs keep me active. We also bike ride occasionally.

I share a home with and have the full support of my family as I go through this process.

My faith/religion is also very important to me.

And I am looking forward to being a mom.

I was born in Nigeria, grew up mostly in Lagos state. I moved to the US in my early 20s after University.

I have traveled around a bit for school and work and have now settled in Illinois to be closer to family.

My friends would describe me as quiet but I loosen up when I get to know people. I am also described as polite, respectful and a generally cheerful and optimistic person.

We speak mostly English at home although we occasionally communicate in our local language.

Meet My Family

I am blessed to have my family with me.

My household currently includes my mother, my older sister, my niece and 2 dogs.

During the warmer months, my mom and sister like to garden and grow vegetables. We all like to grow flowers.

We like to decorate the yard for different holidays.

Since my mother is retired, she helps in the daily running of the house and provides after school care to my niece. My niece and I are close and I know she would love to have a cousin to play with and grow up together.

As a family, we do a lot together. We have a close bond with open hearts and love to give.

My Neighborhood and  Home

We have a nice sized space in the Western Suburb of Chicago.

It has a fenced in backyard where we enjoy the summer months. It is a good space for the kids and dogs to run around too.

We are in a good school district with neighborhood parks, sidewalks and walking trails.

We are within a few miles of the downtown area and like to do something different every time we go out.

We like to decorate for the holidays.

My Values

Trust in God.


Work hard, Have fun, Spend wisely.

Love and respect one another.

Loyalty and dependability.

Thank You



In the profile book, I have a few pages about my family where I talk about them individually. I’d love to share these with you if you’d like to learn more!

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