Jeff and Lauren are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!


We’re so grateful that you’ve chosen to view our story and we look forward to hearing yours. The idea of adopting has been in our hearts and prayers for awhile and while the path there has been winding, it’s been a beautiful blessing.

We have known each other for 20 years and have been married since 2005. The beginning of our marriage was filled with memories of our first home, building our careers, vacations and time with friends and family. About 8 years in, one of our nieces was diagnosed with Leukemia and her twin sister was diagnosed a couple years later. Thankfully, they are both completed with treatment and doing well. This season of life changed our perspective, strengthened our faith and shaped our marriage and Jeff stayed home to help with appointments and after school activities.

Right before our family started down this tough, long journey, we learned it would be dangerous for Lauren to carry children. Through that time, while we focused on where we needed to be for our family, God worked in our hearts to pave the way for our adoption journey.

We appreciate you taking the time to explore our story. We’d like to invite you to take a glimpse into our life, our wonderful family and all the activities we look forward to doing with a child.

About Us

We became friends in 1998, started dating in 2003 and were married in 2005. We complement each other well, with Jeff’s practical, calm, low-key personality and Lauren’s passionate, driven, joyous nature. Lauren works full-time and Jeff plans to continue staying home full time.

In our free time, we enjoy eating lunch or dinner out (especially on a patio), watching sports, getting a daily dose of exercise and attending many of our favorite non-profit events.

About Jeff

Told by Lauren:

I often describe Jeff as a “quiet-nurturer”.  He is the most calm, humble person I know. While he looks more like a “tough-guy”, he is so caring and giving, but wants no praise for it.

Jeff Enjoys:

Sports (watching & playing)

Being outside, especially in the yard

Cardio & weightlifting at the gym

Reading or watching about history

About Lauren

Told by Jeff:

I would describe Lauren as a hard-working, driven person who is also so caring. She is always willing to help anyone, any time she can.

Lauren Enjoys:

Bike rides

Non-profit work

Classes at the gym

Church activities

Our Favorite Activities

We love watching sports of all levels and are so blessed to have Packer tickets for a couple games each year.

We enjoy virtually any vacation that involves warm weather and a beautiful beach. One of our favorite vacation spots is on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, where we go every year with family. Recently, we were able to join most of Lauren’s family on a Disney Cruise and hope to do it again with our children.

Our Home

We recently built our “forever home”. Our neighborhood features private walking trails and common space with a gazebo and play area. We love how we’ve found the perfect blend of a large yard, in a small, quiet neighborhood.

We love living in the town of Cedarburg; an amazing small town, full of family friendly festivals year-round.

Our Family

We’re blessed to have both grown up with loving parents that encouraged us to be our best selves and instilled a deep love for family.  We value living so close to most of our family and being able to see many of them weekly. We’ve also found so much joy in experiences vs. gifts for our nieces and nephews, developing priceless memories. We’re excited to grow our immediate family and bring a child into our close-knit extended family.

We can’t wait to share our family traditions, including:

Annual sister’s and kid’s day at Bay Beach

Sunday Family dinners

Summer nights at “music in the park” across the street from Lauren’s grandma’s house

Annual 4thof July parade and party

Big Thanksgiving dinner with activities and “gratitude” tablecloths in the heated garage

Our Values

Our life is centered around faith, family, friends (most that feel like family) and gratitude. We’re so excited to bring a child into our home, life and family and look forward to instilling these same values in our children.

Thank You

Thank you for taking time to explore our story. We can’t wait to meet you in person, share more of our life and learn about you.

As you begin your journey, we pray that we can help bring comfort to your decision and are excited to work together to determine the best type of open adoption relationship.

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