UPDATE: Steve and Meghan are matched with a child and are awaiting placement.

Dear Birth Mom/Family,

Hello and welcome to a snapshot of our lives! We feel so fortunate you are taking the opportunity to learn about us. Before beginning our story we want to THANK YOU for being the bravest person we know! Your strength and courage are answering our prayers of starting a family and for that we are eternally grateful. We are big believers that things happen for a reason, including our infertility. We didn’t expect to travel this path of starting a family but now we cannot imagine our lives without the connection adoption brings. We are so excited about starting the next chapter of our lives and we hope this is where our story together begins!

Our Story & How We Met

We were both born and raised in east central Wisconsin. We met in 1997 when Meghan was a freshman and Steve was a junior in high school making us high school sweethearts. Long distance strengthened our relationship while Steve attended technical school in Illinois and then moved to Michigan to start his career. Meanwhile Meghan attended college in Wisconsin. After an opportunity for Steve to move home to Wisconsin we got engaged and were married two years later. After getting married we moved to south central Wisconsin where we have lived for the last 15 years.

About Us

Steve has loved cars from a young age which led him to a career in the automotive industry. He is currently the shop foreman at the dealership he started working at 17 years ago when he moved back to Wisconsin. Steve has a variety of interests including cars, grilling, photography, music, watching and attending sporting events, and home improvement projects not only for us but for our friends and family as well. He also loves to try new things and has recently started fly fishing.

Meghan always knew she wanted to work with young children and is currently a kindergarten teacher in a nearby district where she’s worked for the last 12 years. She loves the challenges and variety of experiences each day brings. Meghan enjoys spending time reading on the deck, walking in the stillness of the early mornings, spoiling her niece and nephews, music, and spending time with family and friends.

Our Home & Community

For the last 15 years we’ve lived in south central Wisconsin. We love the small town feel of our community and enjoy spending time relaxing on our deck. We are fortunate in where we live to have many places to explore and visit within a quick drive. Exploring these areas and activities is how we enjoy spending our weekends. Our neighbors are amazing and have become like family.

Our Families

Steve’s parents live in central Wisconsin on a beautifully wooded property and we enjoy spending time there exploring and watching all that nature offers. Steve’s parents love any adventure, whether it’s traveling or splitting wood for the fireplace, as long as we’re together.

Meghan’s parents still live in the house she grew up in and love hosting family events adding to the list of memories created there. She has one brother and sister in law who have three children that we love being around and spoiling.

Our Favorite Things to Do

We love any activity we can do together. We are fortunate to be able to travel and explore a variety of places and have recently added camping to our adventures. On Saturday mornings when the weather is nice you will find us walking around the local farmers market. Attending concerts at local venues is another one of our favorite things to do.

Thank You

We are so fortunate you took the time to learn about us. We hope this snapshot of our lives fills you with comfort and shows you the love, laughter, and strength we commit to sharing with you. Thank you for your courage!

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