Enoch and Katie are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Mom/Family,

We welcome you with open hearts and are grateful and honored you are considering us as adoptive parents. Please know we are thinking of you as you make this difficult decision and are humbled by the love you have for your child. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us.

Before we were married, Katie was told that pregnancy would be difficult for her due to infertility. As a couple, we knew adoption would be in our future. Adoption stories are on both sides of our families which has helped us value the importance of an open adoption. Our hope is that you will feel a connection with us as your heart guides you through these pages. 

Our Story & How We Met

We met in Wisconsin when Enoch was a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and had just returned from serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. We soon new we would spend the rest of our lives together and married a year later.  We moved to Southern California so Enoch could start his new career and we lived there for 9 years. We moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family and believe having support from loved ones is important in raising a happy child.

About Us

About Katie by Enoch

Katie grew up in a typical neighborhood with young families. She has one brother and her parents have been married for over 45 years. Her family is small but close. 

I was instantly attracted to Katie’s beautiful, genuine smile. She’s spunky and loves to laugh. She has always loved kids and her job teaching drawing classes at local elementary schools. Art is her passion and I’ve always been amazed by her creations. She graduated from college with a Fine Arts degree, focusing on drawing and painting. Her dream is to illustrate her own children’s book and she has a large children’s book collection. She loves fantasy movies and her favorites include the Harry Potter series. She likes wearing jeans, t-shirts and athletic shoes and dislikes math. Fall is her favorite time of year.

About Enoch by Katie

Enoch grew up with both parents, two sisters and two brothers. He shares his family’s love for hiking and the outdoors. 

I’ve always described Enoch as tall, dark and handsome. His gentle, patient nature makes me feel safe. He enjoys working from home as a Software Engineer. When he isn’t clicking on the computer, he enjoys running, fishing, playing games and everything geeky about outer space. He’s the nerdy one (which is why he does all the math for me). His favorite desserts are ice cream and frosted sugar cookies. Enoch has the entire collection of Marvel movies and also loves huge snowfalls. Kids relate to him easily because he’s a big kid himself.

Our Home & Community

A few years ago, we bought our first home. It is a ranch with plenty of space for our child to have friends over to play.  We also have a large backyard with a patio. We live in a safe, cozy subdivision close to shopping, good schools and activities. We enjoy taking walks in our subdivision and at nearby parks.  Our neighbors are very friendly and we help each other out. Each year we have a big neighborhood rummage sale, and there are always lots of trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Neighbors walk their dogs everyday and kids ride their bikes in the streets.

Our Families

Katie’s Family

Katie’s parents live just down the street and we get together often. We plan fun activities like picnics, yard games, going to sporting events and tailgating and visiting local fairs. We are always there for each other: when we moved from Southern California, everyone flew out and we all took a road trip home to Wisconsin.

Enoch’s Family

Enoch’s family lives out West in Utah, Nevada and Idaho. We do our best to keep in touch and his parents take the train to visit us every summer. His parents are very supportive and love being grandparents.

Our Values

Family time is important to us and Fall is a family favorite.  We have three birthday celebrations and our wedding anniversary in Fall.  We plan fun, seasonal activities like painting rock zombies! We can’t wait to share these special moments with our child and celebrate their special days, too.  Our values include faith, family, friendship, hard work, education, empathy, respect, a healthy lifestyle and having a sense of humor. We want to share these values and think it is important to parent by example. We want our child to know they can trust us and come to us with anything. We want to encourage their interests and help them find their passions.

Thank You

It’s hard to put into words how grateful we are that you are considering us as adoptive parents. It would be our greatest joy to have your child in our life. Your child will be received into the loving arms of our families. Your family history will always be a part of your child’s identity in our home. We know that you will never stop thinking of your child. We also know how much lives can change because of an open adoption and are excited and nervous all at once.

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