Andy and John are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Mother and Family,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Our names are Andy and John. We live in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. Both of us have envisioned a life as parents and have valued it as a common goal since the beginning of our relationship. As a gay couple, we are unable to have our own biological children and feel that adoption is the best fit for us.  We find your decision for your child to be courageous and inspirational. We promise that if we are lucky enough to be selected to adopt your baby, he/she will grow up in a loving and stable environment.

Warm regards,

Andy and John

Our Story & How We Met

We met almost three years ago on St. Patrick’s Day and have established a rock-solid relationship filled with love and support for one another. In July of 2019, we sealed the deal and tied the knot.

About Us

We were both raised in the suburbs of Chicago and each have two siblings.  Andy took pride in his schooling as a child, which inevitably led to a career in higher education.  John was involved in various sports, activities, and music as a child which contributed to his acting and musical hobbies.  Together we enjoy staying active and working on health and wellness goals, taking in the local sights as well as relaxing at home.

Our Home & Community

We live in a single family home within a diverse, inclusive community offering ample support from cities and county services. Parks and walking trails are supportive for growing families throughout the community.  Our home has three bedrooms and two baths. In addition to the common living room and kitchen, there is a fully finished basement and a four season room. The fully fenced in backyard, provides a safe and great space to add a play set for our future child. The most prized asset within our home is the love and warmth we have to offer a child.

Our Families

We enjoy doing various fun activities such as going out to dinner, having family BBQ’s, and attending concerts among so much more.  We are proud uncles that love doing different fun activities with our families and spend as much time with our nieces as we can. We look forward to instilling the same family bonds and traditions that connect us and gifted us with our familial relationships.


We have two beautiful English Bulldogs that we love with all of our hearts. Maddie is a cute, energetic little pup, otherwise known as Baby Bear. She is spoiled to the core and loves children. Mama bear was rescued from the breeder and is Maddie’s birth mother. She is gentle, kind, and patient.

Our Travels

Travel adventures have been an exciting aspect of our relationship.  Whether it be a road trip, a trip to warmer climates, or a family reunion, we are eager to expose our child to the cultures abroad.

Thank You

We hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into our lives.  We have a warm and welcoming home, and would love to share it with your child.  Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We are so grateful for your role in expanding our family and your child will always know of all the people involved in making our family possible.

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