Tim and Jessica are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Mom/Family,

We are a caring and fun couple who resides in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are 42 & 34, and have been married now for 6 years.  While we are unable to have children of our own, we do have a good start to our family.  We have two corgis named Jenna and Sadie.  They are awesome family dogs, and are friendly to anyone and everyone.

We consider ourselves very blessed and have been praying for God to expand our family.  While we’re sure there are a number of letters you are considering, we are excited you have come to ours.  We understand the decision you are looking to make can seem overwhelming, confusing, and emotional.   We hope you give our family consideration and decide to get to know us better through our profile.


Tim & Jessica

Our Story & How We Met

We met on a Christian dating website in 2011. Tim messaged Jess to get to know her better and after several months of messaging we arranged a date to meet each other face to face at UNO’s restaurant. It went very well and we couldn’t wait to set up the next date.

About Tim

Tim works as an operations manager at a big box retail store.  He is an easy going individual who loves helping others succeed.  He is an avid year-round fisherman who loves spending time in the outdoors on the boat or in the kayak. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends.  He is a sports fan who cheers on various Wisconsin sports teams, all though the Milwaukee Bucks are the definite favorite.

  • Favorite foods: Chicken dishes
  • Favorite hobby: Fishing
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Taking out the boat
  • Favorite sports team: Milwaukee Bucks
  • Favorite memory with spouse: Coming into the house for the first time after our wedding night
  • Favorite animal: Why corgis, of course!

About Jessica

Jess works with individuals with disabilities and is currently in school working towards a license in Alcohol and drug therapy.  Her favorite thing in life is to help animals in need and currently volunteers at the Washington County Humane society each week.

  • Sports : basketball, baseball, and football.
  • Food: pizza
  • Favorite childhood book: Goodnight Moon
  • Favorite Holiday tradition: Decorating our tree while enjoying Christmas music.
  • Favorite memory with spouse: Renting a jet ski while up north.
  • Favorite color: pink
  • Favorite holiday song: Oh Holy Night.
  • Dream vacation: Hawaii
  • Favorite music group: Need to breathe
  • Leisure activity: Watching television or reading a book.

Our Home & Community

We live in a three-bedroom condo located in a great neighborhood.  The condo is located next to a park, and down the road from another park and elementary school.  We also have police and fire stations less than two minutes away, creating a very safe place to raise a child.

Our Families

Jess has a large extended family. Most live in the state and we see them as often as we can.  We are always celebrating birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter together. Jess has 7 uncles and aunts, 15 cousins, and 21 second cousins.  In total 70 people make up Jess’s extended family.

Tim’s parents have been married for over 40 years and live a few miles away.  They are an active part of our family and spend time with us whenever they can. Tim has a much smaller extended family, including three aunts and one uncle.  The family is more spread out but still gets together for special occasions.


Jenna was the first addition to our family.  We adopted her from a corgi breeder who also showed Jenna in dog shows.  Jenna actually retired 16th in the nation and has all sorts of awards. Now that she is with us she has developed some new favorite things to do.  While she is in the house, Jenna prefers to hang in the kitchen and watch Jess cook, and take naps on the couch. We loved getting to know her and her gentle personality.  We take her pretty much everywhere and she has made a terrific addition to our family.

Sadie is our younger corgi!  We have had her since she was nine weeks old.  Her and Jenna have become a bonded pair ever since. We always make a big deal about celebrating birthdays in our family, including Sadie and Jenna’s!


Our summer getaway is in northern Wisconsin on one of the many pristine lakes the area offers.  When we get up we enjoy time on the water, in town, and just being out in nature. We enjoy it for all kinds of different reasons.  While at our place we enjoy relaxing around a camp fire, going over to the pool, or playing a game the resort offers. The dogs love up there as well.  Whether its hanging around our place or on the pier, they see it as their second home.  They are always thrilled to go up and bummed when its time to come home again.

Thank You

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