Chuck and Rob are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Mom/Family,

We want to share our sincere appreciation for considering us as adoptive parents as we navigate through this new chapter of our life stories together. 

It is our belief that everything happens for a reason, and we are excited our paths have crossed to explore the possibility of working together with you through the adoption process. 

We respect, admire and value you for your strength and courage in recognizing the possibilities we all have as people looking to help each other in truly living lives of purpose and meaning.  Thank you for your time and consideration as we look to build an enriching and fulfilling story full of love for a new child in our family.


Chuck and Rob

Our Story & How We Met

We joke that we “found love in a hopeless place” through online dating.

After making a positive connection online, our spark ignited a continuously burning flame that still burns strong today. When we first met, we were drawn to each other because we both had similar life visions and goals – building a traditional, loving family together. Fortunately, as our relationship continued to evolve, same-sex marriage became a reality. We were thrilled at the opportunity to legally marry and start a family with our adopted  dog, Mia.  Since the start of our relationship, one of our common goals was being able to share the positive family experiences we were fortunate to have with a family of our own.

Now, we are enthusiastically preparing to expand our story with a new adopted son or daughter while continuing to build a traditional family in a unique and special way.

About Chuck

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and eventually made my way to The University of Iowa, where I studied engineering.  I now have a career as an engineer in which I am proud to use my skills to help so many people.  I am also very passionate about a side job in the concert industry where I take part in the production of large scale events.  Live music continues to be a large part of my life, both while on the job, and also just for fun.

Rob made his way into my world, and I am very grateful to now be sharing my life with him.  His positivity, genuine spirit, and enthusiasm for life were all traits that drew me in while getting to know him.  Even though we have spent so much time with each other over the years, I am continuously amazed by the compassion he shows and the amount of love he brings to every day that we are together.  I look forward to the day that I get to see him love a child in the same way.

About Rob

From growing up spending summers at the lake on the boat to experiencing a 16 year career in gymnastics, I always am looking to discover the opportunities life has to offer, even in tough times.

I believe in sharing the gifts of time and talent through service as a music minister at church, a teacher by profession and as a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.  I continually look for ways to grow throughout any experience and make sure to enjoy the path that presents itself through life.  I have often heard marriage was about finding your better half, and Chuck truly is a person who brings out the best in me as well as everyone he meets.  I am inspired by his drive, determination and work ethic which allows for his achievements.  It is no wonder his example of optimism with a compassionate growth-mindset has become a cornerstone in our lives together.  I love that Chuck is a loyal and dependable person who puts the needs of those he cares about over his own. He is already a loving husband, and my heart smiles to think of the potential he has as a future mentor and father.

Our Home & Community

We are excited to invite a new family member into our warm suburban home outside of Chicago.  Our house is two stories and has three bedrooms with a large fenced-in yard that gives plenty of space for a child to run around with the dog.  We live in a very family friendly and diverse neighborhood that feeds into a great school district.  Many of the neighborhood children have fun at the playground or go fishing in the pond that are both at the park down the road from the house.  There is a quaint downtown area nearby that has something for all ages, including a classic ice cream parlor with an arts and crafts room for children.

We are looking forward to building memories within our home and community as we look to expand our family.

Our Families

Rob’s Family

I feel fortunate to have a very close family and still spend quality time regularly with my dad, three sisters, brother-in-laws and nieces/nephews. We love upholding long running family traditions such as cooking old world recipes from each side of the family to the annual tradition of going up to the lake-house for family reunions (now running for over 60 years).  Whether spending a low-key night having a fire in the backyard, having a sleepover with nieces and nephews, or taking the boat out with Chuck and Dad, making family time has been and will always remain a priority in my life.

Chuck’s Family

I am grateful to be a part of a large and loving family that allows me to have unique and fulfilling relationships with not just each of my three siblings and parents in my immediate family, but also many of my cousins, aunts, and uncles in our extended family.  Both of my parents are remarried, and now since all children have moved out of the houses, they all  are adjusting to a new life as they get closer to retirement, and eager to become grandparents.  Rob has been welcomed wholeheartedly into the family, and now is a part of the activities, trips, traditions that we all value so much together.

Our Dog – Mia!

Meet our furry family member, Mia! She is a very well-trained, 8 year old mix who is full of energy. Mia loves being a part of the group. She is comfortable around all ages, and enjoys any activity that allows her to spend time with her family and friends.

Whether it’s taking a road trip up to the lake house, spending a day out on the water, going for a walk around the neighborhood or playing “Hide and Seek” around our home with our nieces and nephew, Mia is ready to give everyone her playful love.

Activities & Interests

Together we can experience more…

Prior to finding each other, we were individually drawn to similar activities and interests throughout our lives, particularly in music and fitness. Now, we jointly create meaningful experiences that strengthen our relationship by building upon our common interests.

Both of us grew up playing instruments which led to professions in different musical worlds.  Rob is a music teacher while Chuck works in the concert industry.  Rob grew up competing in gymnastics, and Chuck found a love for fitness later in life through running and weightlifting.  Through that common ground, we often work out together and continuously encourage each other to live healthy lives that will allow us to be active in our journeys together for many years to come.

We also love traveling to new places and seeing what the world has to offer.  We often organize trips that include great architecture, historical museums, beautiful scenery, rich culture,  and fun activities.  We are looking forward to including a son or daughter in our future adventures.

Thank You

We deeply appreciate you taking the time to look through our profile, read a little bit about us, and for considering us to join you in this journey.  We hope this has given you some insight into our lives, who we are as a couple, and who we want to be as parents.  We look forward to sharing our lives as two dads with a little one to love with all of our hearts.  Thank you again for considering us as parents.

Chuck and Rob,

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