We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Holt-Sunny Ridge families from Illinois and Wisconsin!

Congratulations to Matt and Jen on the arrival of their son Charlie, who was born through our domestic program in August 2019.
Ron and Heather were thrilled to welcome Franci home in August. She was placed through Holt’s China program.
Congratulations to Guy and Michelle who finalized adoption of their granddaughter Hailey in October.
In November, Nikki and Ryan were excited to share the joy of the finalization of their son Griffin’s adoption with Holt staff Tracey and Val.
Twins Jack and Jace were born in December 2019 through our interstate program. Their parents Kristina and Joe welcomed them home, along with siblings James and Reyna.
James and Sanah brought their son Sakin home from Morocco in January 2020. He joins proud big sis Sarinah.

Jesse and Mandy joyfully welcomed their son Bo In January through our interstate program. He joins siblings Brett, Carolyn, Brock, Noah and Hunter.
Mila joined her delighted parents Kevin and Sheree in February through our domestic program.

Proud Parents, Angie and Theron, and big sister, Ava, were thrilled to finalize Oliver’s domestic adoption in March.

Congratulations to all our families!

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