Welcome Home! Spring 2021

Our warmest well wishes for our Illinois and Wisconsin families on their recent placements!

John and Samantha, welcomed their daughter Felicity in June 2020 through our interstate program. She joined siblings Johanna, Gabriel, and Cooper.


Proud parents Julius and Mary welcomed their daughter Josephine through our domestic program in September 2020. Congratulations!


Congratulations to beaming parents Bryce and Courtney on the arrival of their son Jack who was born in November 2020 and placed through our interstate program.

IL Family | Avital & Ben

Avital and Ben are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Family,

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little bit. We imagine this process may be really hard for you, and we appreciate your strength and courage. We’ve done our best to be ourselves and let you into our lives, so that you can make whatever decision is best for you.

Openness is really important to us, and we’d really like to have an open and honest relationship with you, but we also want to be sensitive to your needs and preferences. Because we want to be upfront with our child about how they came to be a part of our family, you will always be a part of their story. So, we hope that you’ll consider whether you’d want to extend your family to include us.

Our Story 

We met in graduate school in 2013 and have been inseparable ever since. After  graduating, we spent a great year together in Madrid before moving to Illinois,  buying a house, and starting work as professors. We’re lucky to have jobs we  love, family we get to see often, an incredible circle of friends and colleagues, a  funky house, and an adorable cat named George. Most recently, our desire to  adopt, and working through this process, has brought us even closer together.  We can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead as we grow our family.

About Us

Avital was born in Israel and moved to the Midwest as a young kid. She gained a  lot from straddling both worlds, and her experience as an immigrant informs her  academic interests in identity politics. Although she came from an academic  family, Avital considered a lot of different career options, but her love of  teaching and puzzle-solving ultimately brought her back to university life. 

Some fun facts about Avital

  • Outside of work, she loves tackling creative projects in the kitchen or  around the house. She’s grade-A obsessed with crossword puzzles. 
  •  Avital loves working out, and not just for the yoga pants, although that’s a  major plus!  
  • Because she’s short and makes lots of silly faces, kids often mistake Avital  for a big kid. They get confused when they see her driving a car. 

Ben was born in Seattle but grew up in Massachusetts, with his parents and  sister. He inherited a love of travel from his family and spent 2 years living in  New Zealand during graduate school. Because he asks lots of questions and  dissects the answers, Ben’s mom jokes that he was born to be a lawyer, but he  found his place in philosophy, helping students understand the value of  democracy.

Some fun facts about Ben

  • He reads a lot – juggling 4-5 books at a time, on a variety of topics – but  his main interests center around questions of ethics and justice. 
  • Ben’s been a vegan for almost 20 years, and he and Avital donate a  percentage of their incomes to charity every year. 
  • He loves being outdoors and schedules a back-packing trip with friends at  least once a year.

A Day in Our Life

We’re both really routine-oriented people. During the workweek, we like to get up  early, enjoy a cup of tea together, and meditate. Weeknights and weekends are a great  mix of quiet time at home — in the kitchen or the garden — and getting together with  friends. We’re lucky to be able to walk to work, and our offices are just down the hall  from each other. Our jobs are inherently flexible, which makes it easy to work from  home and travel, but it will also be really helpful when it comes to raising a child.

Our Families

Although we don’t have family in town, we’re lucky that we get to see our families  often. Avital’s parents live a few hours’ drive from us, and her brother and his family  live on the East coast in the same city as Ben’s parents and sister. We get a chance to see  everyone on the coast at least once a year, around Christmastime, when all the nieces  and nephews, from both sides, gather at Ben’s parents’ house. We are really close to  Ben’s aunt and uncle in California and travel to see Avital’s extended family in Israel  once or twice a year.

We’re lucky there’s no tug-of-war over holidays: we spend American holidays like the  4th of July with Ben’s, and Jewish holidays like Passover with Avital’s. But both sets of  in-laws also like the opportunity to get together as a group, as we did for our  graduation.

Our Community

Since moving to Illinois, we are lucky to have developed incredible friendships. We see  different sets of friends regularly, and everyone is excited to welcome our kid to the  group. We also maintain close friendships from before our times here, including  Avital’s childhood friends in Israel and Ben’s network of friends from New Zealand  and California. We vacation every other year with our dearest friends and their twin  girls, who can’t wait to play with their new “cousin.”

Our Home

We live in the middle of our small city, across the street from the middle & high  schools, and a couple blocks away from the elementary school. Our house is actually an  old farm, built in the 1860s, which has been well-preserved over the years. We’ve got  lots of space inside — a big farmhouse kitchen, three bedrooms, two full baths — and  also 2/3 of an acre outside. The third member of our household is our cat, George.  Although a cat, George is actually quite dog-like: she waits for us at the back door  whenever we come home and follows us around from room to room!

Our Hopes for our Child

As first-time parents, we each bring different things to the table. Avital excels in  emotional sensitivity and has a knack for structure and routine, while Ben has a love of  exploration and has incredible patience when it comes to addressing children’s  (endless) questions and complaints. Though we are quite different, we share a  commitment to open communication and compromise. This includes the way we want  to approach our child’s adoption story. We hope our child is able to know and celebrate  their unique experience, and we welcome an open relationship with their birth family. 

As our families instilled in us, we hope we can help our child to see themselves as part  of a larger picture, to develop empathy for others and a commitment to supporting  those less fortunate. At the same time, we hope our child can be attuned to their own  intellectual and emotional needs and will always remain their own person. May they be  able to know themselves and to ask for help when they need it.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit. Of course, we couldn’t cover  everything about us, but we’re happy to share any other information that would be  helpful to you. 

We haven’t had a chance to learn anything about you yet, and we recognize there’s a lot  that we don’t know, but we want to say how much we appreciate what you’re going  through. We imagine that some parts may be really difficult, and we wish you the very  best, whatever the outcome might be.

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IL Family | Jason & Allison

Jason and Allison are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Parents,

We are so humbled that you are learning about our little family. We see you, we hear you, we honor you. We recognize that you are contemplating a significant decision.  No matter the path you choose, you have our admiration.  

When we were unable to conceive biologically and after some unsuccessful fertility treatments, we decided that adoption was the best choice for us for starting a family.  In fact, it’s something that Allison has been thinking about since she was a teenager!  

We love music, theatre, art, comics, and film. A little one would be delighted by Jason’s toy and comic collection, Allison’s musical talent and our creative spirit. You might say we are young at heart! Finally, we love to travel.  We love getting in the car for weekend getaways, and once in a while getting on a plane for longer getaways. 

We will never be able to thank you enough for thinking of us. We will do our best by surrounding your child with love and joy. The love that you have for your child will be a part of your child and our family every single day.


Jason and Allison

A little About Us

We met in 2005 during a night out with mutual friends. At the end of the night Allison happily gave Jason her phone number. It took a few days, but Jason got over his shyness and called Allison. We arranged a date to go to dinner and see live jazz, and have been together ever since!

We married in the summer of 2011 and had the most fun, dance-filled, and joyful wedding they could have hoped for. To this day, friends and family still comment on how much of a blast our wedding was! 

Since then, our relationship continues to grow and strengthen. Our home is peaceful and filled with love, laughter and furry friends. Our community is exciting, friendly and diverse and our family and friends are so excited to meet (and spoil) a new little one!

About Jason 

I grew up in the Western suburbs of Chicago and was raised by my Mom, Cindy, as well as very supportive extended family and neighbors. As early as I can remember I loved being creative through drawing and painting. I followed this passion through my entire education and have been working in creative roles since college.

My Mexican heritage is important to me and I try to honor it in different ways; I love learning about Latin-American art and music and I also try to learn how to cook my Grandmother’s recipes. Someday, I hope to make tortillas as delicious as hers!

What Allison Loves About Jason…

His love for his family. His artistic ability. Seeing how his friends look up to him.  His patience. That he inspires me to reach my goals. His laugh.  His kindness.  Having thought-provoking conversations with him for hours on end.  Watching him play with our pets and seeing that love there. 

About Allison

I grew up in the Northern suburbs of Chicago with my parents, younger brother, and dog. From the moment I saw Judy Garland walk across that soundstage in her red shoes, I knew that the arts had changed my life forever.  I was an unabashed play-watcher, “band geek” and “choir kid.” I became a lawyer and have spent my entire legal career advocating for children and families.  

What Jason Loves About Allison…

Her ability to love everyone. Her goofy sense of humor. Her eyes. Her desire to always grow. Her strength and support. Her open-mindedness. Her love for travel. Experiencing new things with her. Her ability to make friends everywhere. Her expression when she sees a cute animal. Making her laugh. Learning about her Jewish culture.

Our Home & Community

We moved into our home, in a suburb close to Chicago, in 2018 and have fallen in love with the community. On a warm day you will probably see kids of all ages running and biking up and down the block, parents having a front lawn hang out (sometimes with an impromptu DJ set), and an evening gathering around a neighbor’s fire pit. And that’s just our block.

Our community has a wonderful, diverse school district, park district activities, live music venues, plenty of green space and beloved local small businesses. 

Our Families

A child brought into our family will be surrounded by love and laughter. Jason’s mom, Grandma Cindy, is already making plans to spoil any child that we welcome. She has a knack for making little ones giggle and feeding them delicious homemade treats.

Allison’s parents, Darcy and Alan, are so thrilled to be able meet a new member of their family! They also love to travel and will hopefully get to come with us on some family trips.

A child will be loved by so many Aunts, Uncles, grandparents, cousins and friends there’s no way we could list them all!

Our Fur-Family


Our first adopted pet is a sweet grey cat that loves head scratches. In the summer she loves hanging out in the backyard watching the birds and chasing bugs.


We adopted Draco as a kitten and he has grown into a tubby boy that loves belly scratches and cuddling on the couch.


We fostered Luna, a terrier Shih-Tzu mix, over the summer of 2020 and she decided that she was going to stay forever. She has been a fantastic addition to our family and loves to go on adventures with us!

The Travel Bug

Seeing new and exotic places, eating new foods, seeing amazing sites, and just getting away for the weekend – we love travel in all forms.

We took our first international trip together in 2008 to Costa Rica. Since then, we’ve also visited Canada, Ireland, Poland, and Thailand.

We also love traveling the U.S.! We often take weekend trips or go camping in the Midwest, and we have taken cross-country road trips.  Of course, even as adults, we love Disney!

It is our dream to explore the world with a child!

Holiday Fun 

Holidays are important to both sets of our families!

Jason’s side loves Christmas and spends the day playing hilarious games, exchanging gag gifts, and eating a delicious dinner. We visit Jason’s family regularly for family birthdays and always eat amazing food.

Allison’s side celebrates Jewish holidays by eating traditional meals. Now Allison has begun cooking for her family for the holidays! We often go to plays, concerts, or other fun events to celebrate family birthdays.

Together we’ve started our own holiday traditions, such as hosting Thanksgiving, having Chinese food on Christmas Eve, making spooky Halloween décor and costumes, and having a gourmet meal on New Year’s Eve. We can’t wait to make more family traditions with a child! And of course, we hope to incorporate your child’s culture into our lives as well!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our family. We know that this is a very important decision. We hope to give your child all of the love, laughs, and guidance they could ever need throughout their life.

Jason & Allison

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Welcome Home! Winter 2021

Congratulations to our Illinois and Wisconsin families who recently had placements!

Sweet Willa was welcomed home in February 2020 by her adoring parents Nyke and Will.


Proud parents Luke and Beth will soon be celebrating their daughter Adelynn’s first birthday. Her domestic adoption was finalized in August 2020.


Congratulations to Ross and Sara who welcomed their daughter Karen from Colombia in October 2020.


Elated parents John and Amy celebrated their daughter Lucy’s finalization in October. Lucy was born in April 2020 through our domestic program.


James, Stephanie, and beaming big brother Ben welcomed Joshua home from Korea in November 2020.


Theo celebrated the arrival of her daughter Gabrielle, adopted in November 2020 through our interstate program.


Mike and Kelly welcomed home their daughter Elizabeth from South Korea in November 2020.


Jesse and Jaime and big sister Maggie finalized the placement of Bennet through our interstate program in December.


Lisa and Brian recently celebrated their first Christmas with son Colin who arrived in December through our domestic program.

WI Family | Yathi & Gina

Yathi and Gina are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Mom/Family,

Our hearts go out to you as you face this decision and thank you for your consideration.  We are so excited to expand our family and want to let you know a little about us in the hopes that you will see us as a good match for you and your child.


Yathi and Gina

Our Story & How We Met

Gina grew up in rural Idaho before moving to inner-city Chicago during her middle school years.  Yathi, on the other hand, grew up around Chicago.  We met during our undergraduate college years at Loyola University.  We very soon became close friends and about 3 years later became engaged.  While it was not easy, we coordinated our lives to follow each other as Gina went to medical school and Yathi pursued his graduate school career to become a scientist.  After having been married for over 10 years now we can honestly say that we can’t imagine doing this crazy thing called life with anyone other than each other.

About Us & Fun Facts

About Yathi According to Gina…

Yathi is the most kind and gentle man I have ever known.  He is so hands on with the kids and loves to share his love of science through fun experiments.  Over the past few years he has become quite the good cook and everyone looks forward to Saturday waffles!

About Yathi According to Gina…

Gina is dedicated to enriching our family’s life with new adventures to go on and new foods for us to try at home. Gina is very creative and loves to bring out our children’s creativity through art projects and music. Gina brightens up our days and it is always exciting to see what new ideas she has next.

Our Children

Kai is so fun loving!  He is now 6 years old and very excited to be a big brother again and is already telling us which books he will read to his new brother or sister.  This inquisitive little boy never stops reading and loves all things that are growing.  You will often find him outside with

“Lita” (grandma) in the garden.  He has such a contagious laugh!

Enora is such a sweet 3 year old little girl.  She loves to be part of whatever the rest of the family is doing and will often “bake” right alongside us with her own little bowl and spoon or sit on our laps to learn her ABCs while Kai completes his lessons since she does not want to be left out of the fun.  She loves to spin and dance!

Our Home & Community

Our 4 bedroom home has a large backyard complete with a basketball hoop and garden.  We are also in the process of building a gazebo in the backyard and we are looking forward to all the friends and family that will enjoy the space.  We chose this small community just 15 min south of Madison for its proximity to the city while still allowing us a little bit of land to get our hands dirty.  We especially enjoy our sun room that allows us to get lots of light even through the cold Wisconsin winters.

Our Families

“Lita” is what the kid’s call Gina’s mother who lives with us and she adds such flavor to the home!  She frequently makes delicious Mexican food and speaks Spanish to the kids so they have become bilingual thanks to her.  Kai and Enora adore her and we love that they have been able to become so close to their grandmother.

Nana and Tata (Yathi’s parents) still live near Chicago but we see them frequently.  They are so generous in spirit and have a close relationship with Enora and Kai.  You can often find Tata being dragged around by the kids while they show him their newest project.  And between Nana and Lita, we have no lack of spicy delicious food!  In the picture below you can also see two cousins who visited us from Germany.  Although they are far, we try to FaceTime when we can.


Vicky (short for Queen Victoria) is a very introverted ~ 10 year old little kitty, preferring many days to venture out when the house is quiet.  She has a very sweet personality though and fascinates our little ones who are always trying to get her to be more social.


We enjoy traveling so much!  Although it is not easy to do so with small children we have found that the troubles are far outweighed by the beautiful family memories that are formed.  Chicago is where we get to most often as we have a lot of family there. “Big” trips may only happen once a year but we have been able to explore Washington D.C, Hawaii, and many areas of India together, as a family.  We also really enjoy our time in nature so we try to be in it and around it as much as possible.  Whether it is a local farm, a state park, a beach, a hiking trail, or our own backyard,  we always return rejuvenated and inspired for the days ahead.

Thank You

Thank you for your brave decision to consider adoption.  We know that by making this decision you only want what is best for your child and we deeply respect your desire to find the right people to love and cherish your baby.  We will do everything that we can help them to fulfill the dreams you have for their future and we will always be grateful for the opportunity to do so.  We believe that all children deserve honesty and the most complete knowledge of where they come from so an open adoption, if desired, would be welcome.  Your child will always know that your decision was made out of love and your hopes of giving them a fulfilling life by choosing the right family specially for them.  We look forward to honoring you by sharing with them the amazing love you have for your baby and how you had a dream for their precious life.


Yathi & Gina

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IL Family | Ben & Brittany

Ben and Brittany are waiting to welcome a child into their heart and home through open adoption. Learn more about them!

Dear Birth Mom/Family,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We want to reassure you of the love and kindness we would offer to your baby. We have been married for eight years. Ben is adopted and is very thankful for the full life he was given with his adoptive parents. He truly appreciates the gift his birth mother and father gave to his adoptive parents.

We feel called to adopt after suffering years of infertility. Besides Ben and his brother, we have other family members who have been adopted, and we know adoption is such a blessing. We cannot wait to spend time reading to a child, seeing their firsts, and providing a safe, nurturing environment for them to grow up to become the person they are meant to be. We would be ever so grateful for this opportunity, and our lives would not be complete without the gift of adoption.


Ben and Brittany

Our Story & How We Met

We met in college in 2009 at a religious retreat. It depends on who you ask on who pursued the other. All that matters is we can forgive each other at the end of the day, and we are the best of friends.  We got married in 2012, and we have always wanted a family of our own and looking forward to the day when it can happen. We love our family and have a total of 11 nieces and nephews. We enjoy going to the theater, museums, traveling, hiking, cooking, home improvement, playing board games, and exercising. Diversity and social justice are very important to both of us; we believe it is important to keep an open mind to the world around us.

About Us & Fun Facts

About Ben According to Brittany…

When I met Ben, I knew I was in trouble.  I prayed to God that I would marry someone interesting, and GOD delivered.  Ben is someone full of random facts and knowledge.  He has expansive knowledge of just about everything. This comes in handy with his work as an epidemiologist.  He loves to cook, play video games, travel, read, listen to music/podcasts, and wrestle Teddy. He has one of the biggest, kindest hearts I have ever met.  He really lives according to God’s purpose and offers others no judgement.  He challenges me to a be a better person as we work our way towards heaven.

About Brittany According to Ben…

Brittany is a caring and compassionate person. She has truly found her vocation as a teacher, where she gets to help young minds mature and grow daily. She is also very involved with our community, serving on the parish council of our church, supporting her students’ extra-curricular activities, or just participating in community life and being a good friend. She is also a very funny person, and her experience with theater shows in the way she entertains and interests her students. I have known Brittany for more than a decade now and am continually surprised by her in the best possible way.

Our Home

Our neighborhood is very culturally diverse. We live close to public transportation, schools, and many parks We live in a single-family home, with a fenced in back yard.  Brittany is a teacher for the local, public high school. There are many young families near us. Our house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms along with a semi-finished basement perfect for a playroom.  We also have a fenced in backyard that can fit a playground.

Our Families

Brittany’s Family

I am originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and my parents still live there now.  They typically go to Florida for the winter.  My mother was a stay-at-home mom growing up, and she was always sure to be involved in my many theatre productions as a child.  From taking me to her quilting to working backstage, she was very supportive of my dreams and fostering my sense of creativity.  My father is an engineer, and he taught me how to fix things around the house.  He did not have any boys, so he needed someone to teach his expertise on home improvement.   I am the youngest of three girls.  My oldest sister, Stephanie, is a doctor, and my middle sister, Nicole, is a stay-at-home mom.   Stephanie has five children, and Nicole has four children.  They both welcomed a baby recently.  The whole family is excited to meet our new little one!  The child will have a lot of cousins to play with when we gather as a family.

Ben’s Family

I have one brother and two stepbrothers. My brother lives in the lower peninsula of Michigan and has two children. Both of my parents are now retired, my mother lives outside of Detroit, Michigan and my father and stepmother live in Arizona. My mother was a pediatric nurse practitioner and was very good at tending to all my medical needs.  My father was an attorney, and he often would go on my many camping trips with Boy Scouts. All my parents were strong advocates for my education and instilled in me values of faith, love, and kindness.  Growing up my family liked to travel and go camping a lot, and I have many good memories from my childhood of spending time outside with my family.



Our dog, Teddy, is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. He is very good with kids and loves everyone he meets. He is a local celebrity in our neighborhood because he is so cute and knows it. He is social and likes to meet new people and dogs. He is a very calm dog and rarely barks. He is slightly under twenty pounds and loves to cuddle up to you on the couch.

Hobbies and Travel

We love to spend time at home and traveling. While at home we like to work on home improvement, host friends/bible study, or just spend time together.  We like to fix and make improvements around the house when we can. Recent projects include painting our garage and a ceiling, repairing a toilet, and installing a new overhead light. We also enjoy traveling. We try to see our family as often as we can, and we also enjoy going to new places. We enjoy both exploring new cities and spending time out in nature, hiking, cross county skiing, and other activities. We cannot wait to take our children on trips and teach them how to fix things around the house to build strong memories.

Thank You

Thank you so much for all the time you took to look at our book. We are looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. A child is something we have both been dreaming about for a very long time. Your baby would be brought up in a household full of love and kindness. Our values and beliefs are strong, and we would like our children to have a strong sense of who they are in the world. We know picking a family is difficult, and we would be so honored if you do pick us. We will pray for you and all birth mothers/ families going through this process.


Ben, Brittany, & Teddy

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Pregnant at 14, Macy & Liam Made a Loving Open Adoption Plan

Macy and Liam were 14 when they found out they were pregnant. They felt scared and lost. But Holt in Wisconsin helped them make a loving open adoption plan for their daughter. 

Right after she turned 14, Macy found out she was pregnant. She felt scared, stressed out, sad and lost.

“We didn’t know what we were supposed to do,” she says today through a video call, sitting in her backyard in Wisconsin with Liam. It’s nearly a year later from this time she’s describing — the beginning of their unplanned pregnancy and adoption story.

When Macy got pregnant, Liam was also just 14. For him, money was one of the biggest obstacles  — he had no clue how they would financially support a child.

It was late May and they were just finishing their freshman year of high school. Liam was excited to play football over the summer and in the fall, and Macy couldn’t wait for school to be out so she could spend more time with friends and family.

But suddenly, instead, they had a huge decision to make.

With the support of family and friends, they decided to go to a pregnancy center that referred them to Holt in Wisconsin. Here, they met Sheri, an adoption social worker, who talked them through all of their options.

Over the course of five months, Sheri met with them to talk about how they were feeling, about their hopes and dreams for high school and beyond, and about what they wanted for their baby. She helped them process their thoughts and questions, and never pressured them about their final decision.

“[It’s] kind of like counseling because it was a lot to handle — but kind of in a good way,” Macy says. “We learned about options.”

One of these options was open adoption. Open adoption is when the birth parents choose the adoptive parents for their child, and remain a part of his or her life as they grow up. Birth parents and adoptive parents make this unique arrangement together, and it can change over time if the birth parents wish. Birth parents’ involvement in their child’s life can be anything from receiving regular photos and email updates to occasional visits to regularly attending birthdays and holidays and soccer games throughout their child’s life.

Macy and Liam decided to move forward with an open adoption plan.

“We just kind of realized, like, we’re 14 and have our whole lives ahead of us to have kids,” Macy says, “and there’s so many families looking to adopt, so we should give them a chance.”

Their next step was to choose their baby’s adoptive parents.

Holt Wisconsin presented them with the profile books of several different adoptive families. In these profile books, potential adoptive families share about themselves, their jobs, what they like to do, why they’re adopting, and anything else about themselves that they think is important for the birth parents to know.

This step in the process was a bit different for Macy and Liam because Macy’s parents knew of a couple that wanted to adopt — Sarah and John. Macy and Liam’s parents met with Sarah and John several times, then Macy and Liam decided they’d like to consider Sarah and John in addition to some of the other families whose profile books they viewed. Macy and Liam decided to meet them.

“It was at a restaurant,” Liam says about their first time meeting. “It was a little awkward at first.” But by the end the conversation felt easy, and they all left smiling. Macy and Liam had a good feeling about this family.

Even though they had already met, Sarah and John still put together a quick digital version of a profile book so that Macy and Liam could learn more about them.

“They like to travel,” Liam says about what stuck out to him from their profile. “The biggest thing we liked about them is that they’re younger, they like to do fun stuff with friends.”

Macy and Liam saw that if they placed their baby with Sarah and John, he or she would have an active, fun and full life.

“Reading their profile book gave us a good feeling,” says Macy, “like, these are the type of people we would want to be when we’re older and having kids.”

Throughout Macy’s pregnancy, she and Liam continued to get closer to Sarah and John. Although, they still had some doubts.

“We were 95 percent sure about it,” says Liam, about choosing adoption. He and Macy still wondered what it would be like to meet their baby, to hold her. They wondered if they would be able to go through with their decision.

Then one day in early February, the time finally came. They all rushed to the hospital, and after a very quick delivery, Macy gave birth to a baby girl. Sarah and John joined Macy and Liam in the delivery room just minutes after she was born. They named her Chloe.

“They had their own room in the hospital right next to us,” says Macy about Sarah and John. “So we got to spend the whole two days together, we were in each other’s room a lot of the time.”

Macy and Liam got their own special time with Chloe while in the hospital, too. They loved her, but knew that they weren’t ready to be parents.

“For me, I don’t think there was an exact moment I realized it was 100 percent what I want,” Macy says. “It was more like we took little steps, like the step meeting with Sheri and her teaching us about adoption, that was a good step. Meeting [Sarah and John] definitely made us feel better about the whole adoption process. Then, actually having [Chloe] and having her in the hospital, seeing her with them now, seeing them raising her so good… There were definitely times that I was like, ‘This was definitely our best decision.’”

Now, Chloe is a happy and healthy 6-month-old and Macy and Liam see her every three to four weeks. They often meet over dinner at Sarah and John’s house, and will usually stay late — talking long into the evening. Sarah and John also send them photos and updates about Chloe all the time.

“She knows we’re her biological parents,” Liam says about Chloe. “Not second parents, but mutual family.”

Seeing Chloe thrive with her adoptive parents continues to affirm the decision for Macy and Liam. And they’re so thankful they get to be a part of her life.

She’ll grow up a loving, supportive group of family and “mutual family” all around her. This is what’s most important for any child. Similarly, it was a strong support system of family, friends and Holt in Wisconsin that helped Macy and Liam along their adoption journey as well.

“I think if people, like high schoolers, are going through this, it’s definitely really hard,” says Macy. “[But it helps to] open up about adoption and accept the fact you’re young and you’re pregnant and you have to deal with everything that comes with that. So I would say, be positive, and there are so many people out there and talk about it.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing unplanned pregnancy in Illinois or Wisconsin, Holt is here for you. For confidential, compassionate and free options counseling, please call us at 800-Baby-Mom or text 630-205-5117.

*Names changed for confidentiality

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